The 6 Best DNA Testing Kits Review

DNA testing kits for genealogy have emerged as invaluable tools in our quest to discover more about our roots. Whether you’re embarking on this journey out of curiosity or solving a family mystery, choosing the right testing service can make all the difference. Let’s review the top six DNA testing kits for genealogy: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage DNA, Living DNA, and African Ancestry.

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1. AncestryDNA – DNA Testing Kits

AncestryDNA, a branch of the largest genealogical organization in the world, provides detailed ethnicity estimates and a robust database for DNA matching. Their extensive resources and exclusive ThruLines feature make AncestryDNA an excellent choice for individuals diving into genealogy.

AncestryDNA is a subsidiary of Ancestry, the largest genealogy company in the world. The vast reach and extensive database of Ancestry, boasting over 15 million users, set it apart from its competitors. But what makes AncestryDNA particularly attractive to genealogy enthusiasts goes beyond its impressive database.

Comprehensive Ethnicity Estimate

AncestryDNA offers an Ethnicity Estimate that breaks down your lineage into specific regions across the globe. This feature is continually updated as more data is added, meaning your results become increasingly precise over time. It provides:

  • Insight into your ancestors’ origins and migration patterns.
  • Allowing you to trace your roots back to hundreds.
  • Even thousands of years.

DNA Matches

The most exciting feature of AncestryDNA is the ability to match your DNA with the DNA of others in their expansive database. This tool makes connecting with living relatives who have also taken the AncestryDNA test significantly easier. These matches can help you fill in missing pieces of your family tree or validate your existing research.


AncestryDNA’s ThruLines tool takes DNA matching a step further. It uses both your DNA results and your linked family tree to propose potential relationships with your DNA matches, helping you see how you might be related.

Genetic Communities

AncestryDNA also identifies Genetic Communities, groups of people connected through DNA, likely because they lived in the same area or are otherwise related. This feature gives additional context about the lives of your ancestors, such as where they lived and possibly migrated.

Integration with Ancestry Resources

Finally, AncestryDNA integrates seamlessly with other Ancestry resources. When you receive your ancestry DNA kit results, Ancestry provides record hints that can lead you to historical records of your ancestors. Additionally, you can attach your DNA results to your Ancestry family tree to make the most of your genealogical research.

AncestryDNA is an exceptional tool for both amateur and professional genealogists. Combining an extensive DNA database and integration with rich historical records provides a deep view of your family history that few other services can match.

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2. 23andMe – DNA Testing Kits

23andMe provides ancestry-related data and health-related insights, differentiating them from purely genealogical services. Their Neanderthal ancestry report and chromosome browser tool add unique dimensions to your ancestral search.

As one of the pioneers of direct-to-consumer DNA testing, 23andMe has become a leading provider of health-related and genealogical information. For genealogists, 23andMe offers a robust set of tools for understanding your Ancestry and unique features that set it apart from its competitors.

Ancestry Composition

23andMe’s Ancestry Composition report offers a detailed breakdown of your ethnicity. It maps out your lineage across more than 1,500 regions worldwide, helping you understand where your ancestors originated and how your DNA reflects those roots.

DNA Relatives

23andMe’s DNA Relatives feature connects you with relatives from around the globe. Like AncestryDNA, this feature allows you to find and connect with genetic relatives in the 23andMe database. However, one unique element is sharing and comparing genetic traits with your matches.

Neanderthal Ancestry

An exciting facet of 23andMe is its Neanderthal Ancestry report. This unique feature tells you how much of your Ancestry can be traced back to the Neanderthals, a group of humans who lived in Europe and Asia before going extinct about 40,000 years ago. 

Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups

23andMe provides information about your maternal and paternal haplogroups – familial clans that descend from a common ancestor. This information can shed light on the ancient migration paths of your maternal and paternal ancestors. 

Chromosome Painting

The Chromosome Painting feature visually demonstrates where your DNA comes from. It segments your DNA into colored blocks corresponding to different ancestral populations, painting a vivid picture of your genetic makeup.

Integration with Health Reports

While not specifically genealogical, 23andMe’s health reports can provide additional context about your genetic heritage. They offer insights into the genetic risks, traits, and wellness reports that can shed light on your past and future.

23andMe is more than just a DNA testing service. It’s a comprehensive tool offers insightful and unique features, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to understand their Ancestry in greater depth. It blends health and ancestry data to provide a holistic understanding of your genetic makeup.

3. FamilyTreeDNA – DNA Testing Kits

FamilyTreeDNA stands out for its detailed paternal and maternal ancestry testing. Its advanced tools and focus on deep genealogical exploration make it the idea choice for serious genealogy enthusiasts.

FamilyTreeDNA has made a name for itself as a specialized player in genealogical DNA testing. It offers various tests, including Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, that cater to the needs of serious genealogists and researchers.

Wide Range of DNA Tests

FamilyTreeDNA offers the most comprehensive range of DNA tests in the industry. This includes the autosomal Family Finder test, Y-DNA tests (specific to the direct paternal line), and mtDNA tests (specific to the direct maternal line). These tests can provide detailed insights into your maternal and paternal lineages, which not every company offers.


Like AncestryDNA and 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA offers a DNA matchmaking service. The Family Matching System allows you to find genetic matches within their extensive database and includes tools to help you make connections and understand your shared genetic heritage.

Chromosome Browser

FamilyTreeDNA’s Chromosome Browser is an advanced tool that allows you to visually compare your DNA with your matches. You can compare up to seven matches simultaneously to see where your DNA segments overlap. This is particularly useful for confirming relationships and identifying which family lines specific DNA comes from.

Geographical Projects

Another unique feature of FamilyTreeDNA is its project-oriented approach to genealogy. Users can join or start projects based on surnames, geographic regions, and haplogroups. This collaborative approach can help you find commonalities with other users and shed light on your research.

Data Privacy

In the realm of data privacy, FamilyTreeDNA is committed to securing their customers’ personal information and genetic data. It allows much flexibility with what information you share, including whether you want to participate in matching and what information you allow matches to see.

FamilyTreeDNA provides various tools that can be highly beneficial to serious genealogists. Its focus on deep ancestral roots and community collaboration sets it apart from other DNA testing companies. There are better choices for a novice, but it’s an exceptional tool for those who are ready to dive deep into their family history.

4. MyHeritage DNA – DNA Testing Kits

MyHeritage DNA impresses with its detailed ethnicity estimate and solid international database. The integrated platform combining DNA results with genealogical research makes it an attractive choice for many.

Founded in Israel in 2003, MyHeritage started as software for building family trees. It has since evolved into a leading service in the genealogy field, integrating DNA testing into its offerings in 2016. While younger than some competitors, MyHeritage DNA has much to offer for genealogists.

Detailed Ethnicity Estimate

MyHeritage DNA provides a detailed ethnicity estimate that breaks down your Ancestry across 42 ethnic regions, one of the industry’s most comprehensive. It gives you a visual representation of your ethnic and geographic origins.

DNA Matching

Similar to other providers, MyHeritage DNA also offers DNA matching. It enables you to find and connect with relatives who share segments of DNA you derived from a common ancestor. Additionally, it provides information on the estimated relationship between you and your match, such as if you’re likely to be third cousins.


An innovative feature provided by MyHeritage DNA is AutoClusters. This tool groups together DNA Matches that likely descend from common ancestors, providing a visual chart that makes it easier to understand and investigate the relationships between matches.

Family Tree Integration

MyHeritage DNA allows you to link your DNA results to your family tree on MyHeritage, enabling the company to use its Smart Matching and Record Matching technologies to cross-reference your DNA with a vast library of historical records and family trees.

Genetic Health Reports

While not directly related to genealogy, MyHeritage DNA also offers a health upgrade that provides a range of genetic risk reports, carrier status reports, and personalized health insights. This can give you an understanding of your inherited health risks.

Strong International Database

While many other testing services have a strong U.S. customer base, MyHeritage DNA has a solid international database. This can be particularly useful if your ancestors are outside the United States.

MyHeritage DNA offers a comprehensive suite of tools for beginning and experienced genealogists. The combination of advanced DNA analysis, integration with a robust genealogy platform, and strong international focus make it an attractive option for many looking to explore their family history.

5. Living DNA – DNA Testing Kits

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Living DNA’s comprehensive view of your Ancestry and detailed British heritage breakdown make it stand out. Their well-being reports provide an additional layer of understanding of your genetic makeup.

Hailing from the U.K., Living DNA is a relatively newer player in the DNA testing market. Still, it has already significantly impacted, particularly those with British and Irish heritage. They offer various genealogical and wellbeing services, making them a unique contender.

Family Ancestry

Living DNA’s Family Ancestry test provides a comprehensive breakdown of your ethnicity, similar to other providers. However, what sets Living DNA apart is its focus on the U.K. It can break down British Ancestry into 21 regions, making it an excellent choice for those with British roots looking for a more detailed view of their heritage.

mtDNA and Y-DNA Haplogroups

Living DNA, like FamilyTreeDNA, offers insights into your maternal and paternal haplogroups, tracing your Ancestry back thousands of years. This level of detail can provide a fascinating glimpse into the deep ancestral roots of your family tree.

DNA Matches

Living DNA’s DNA Matches feature allows you to find and connect with genetic relatives worldwide. You can explore your shared Ancestry with your matches and uncover previously unknown connections.

Wellbeing Reports

While not strictly genealogical, Living DNA’s Wellbeing reports offer an exciting look into how your genetics can influence your lifestyle. These reports provide insights into your health, including diet, exercise, and sleep. While not directly related to genealogy, these reports can offer additional context and understanding of your genetic makeup.

Data Privacy

Living DNA places a strong emphasis on data privacy. They ensure that your data is stored securely and provide clear information about how it is used. You always retain ownership of your data and can choose whether or not to share your data with others.

Living DNA stands out as a unique DNA testing service, particularly for those with British heritage. While it may not have as extensive a database as some competitors, its focus on detailed regional breakdowns, deep ancestral roots, and well-being reports make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking to understand their Ancestry more deeply.

6. African Ancestry – DNA Testing Kits

African Ancestry provides a unique service, focusing on tracing African lineages to specific ethnic groups in Africa. Its commitment to privacy and the depth of its African database make it an invaluable resource for individuals of African descent looking to uncover their roots.

Founded in 2003, African Ancestry stands apart from other DNA testing companies due to its singular focus on helping people of African descent trace their roots back to specific ethnic groups in Africa. It’s a unique offering in the industry and is a valuable resource for African Americans and other African diaspora populations seeking to understand their Ancestry.

Detailed African Lineage Tracing

Unlike other DNA testing companies that offer broad estimates of your ethnic composition, African Ancestry’s primary focus is pinpointing your African lineage to a specific present-day African country and ethnic group. Their database contains over 33,000 African lineages from more than 40 countries and several hundred ethnic groups, providing a detailed and precise view of African Ancestry.

Paternal and Maternal Lineage Tests

African Ancestry offers two tests: MatriClan and PatriClan. The MatriClan test traces maternal Ancestry by analyzing mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed from mother to child. In contrast, the PatriClan test traces paternal Ancestry by analyzing the Y chromosome, which is passed from father to son. These tests can trace your lineage back 500 – 2,000 years, providing a deep ancestral perspective.

Certificate of Ancestry

Upon receiving your test results, African Ancestry provides a Certificate of Ancestry that confirms your ancestral country of origin and the specific ethnic group with which you share genetic Ancestry. This certificate is a tangible connection to your past and can serve as a meaningful keepsake.

Data Privacy

African Ancestry prides itself on its commitment to privacy and does not share or sell any personal genetic information. Once your test is completed, all DNA samples are destroyed for maximum privacy.

African Ancestry provides a unique service that focuses exclusively on tracing African lineages. It’s an invaluable resource for those looking to uncover their African roots, offering a level of detail and specificity unmatched by other DNA testing services. For African diaspora populations, it links to their past and helps them connect with their ancestral roots.

The Best DNA Testing Kit

Remember, the best DNA test kit for you will depend on what you hope to achieve. Finding distant relatives, breaking down your Ancestry by region, or discovering your risk for specific health issues, there’s a test out there for you.

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