About Leonard Smith III

LS3 Studios

Discover about Leonard Smith III, a storyteller and documentarian. Commonly known as LS3, is not just a name but a brand synonymous with storytelling, historical research, and award-winning documentaries. With a career spanning since 1975, LS3 has ventured into every facet of historical research, including genealogy, photography, technology, storytelling, filmmaking, and music. His company, LS3 Studios, specializes in creating high-quality legacy videos, personal histories, and documentaries that resonate with audiences.

The New Initiative: Recording Your Family History

We are thrilled to introduce this new website that helps others record their family history. The primary aim of this initiative is to empower individuals to research, gather, record, and share their family stories. Every family has a unique story deserves to be told and preserved for future generations. This platform is a comprehensive guide and tool for you to embark on this rewarding journey of discovery and storytelling.

About Leonard Smith III & The LS3 Studios Experience

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LS3 Studios is an award-winning film production studio based in Louisiana. The studio is committed to crafting visually striking and emotionally engaging narratives encapsulating its subjects' unique essence, achievements, values, and personalities. The services range from video biographies and personal histories to professional photography, archival storytelling, and film editing. The studio also excels in website design, ensuring your story is told and showcased in the most captivating ways possible.

Reflections and Philosophies

LS3's reflections on his journey reveal a deep sense of responsibility and privilege as a storyteller. He believes in the power of storytelling to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and ignite empathy. This mission reverberates in every frame, scene, and musical note in his productions, mirroring a life committed to stories and their transformative potential.

LS3 Studios has a proven track record with technology, having produced projects for various institutions like Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard University, and the New Orleans Public Library, just to name a few.

LS3 is a master at providing clear and intuitive access to archives and vital information, all while shaping compelling narratives through digital media. His work is not just about awards or recognition; it's about educating, entertaining, and inspiring others to discover and tell their stories.