Best Family Tree App For iPad

I have researched which are the best family tree app for iPad. Here are my results and why they made the list.

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Ancestry: Ancestry is one of the iPad’s most popular and comprehensive family tree apps. It allows users to create and build their family tree, access a vast collection of historical records, and collaborate with other users to research their ancestors. Ancestry is widely regarded as one of the best family tree apps for iPad due to its extensive features and vast database. Users can easily create and build family trees, adding multiple generations and linking relatives. One standout feature of Ancestry is its advanced search capabilities, allowing users to explore millions of historical records and documents to uncover valuable information about their ancestors. With access to census records, immigration records, military documents, and more, users can piece together their family’s story with remarkable detail. The app provides hints and suggestions based on the information entered, guiding users toward potential matches and discoveries.

MyHeritage: MyHeritage is another popular family tree app for the iPad. MyHeritage is a powerful family tree app that combines genealogy research with DNA testing. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily create and expand their family trees, adding photos, stories, and documents to each individual’s profile. MyHeritage’s DNA testing service offers insights into ethnic origins and can help users connect with relatives they may not have known existed. The app also provides Smart Matches, which identify potential matches with other users’ family trees, expanding collaboration and information-sharing possibilities. Additionally, MyHeritage offers an intuitive photo scanning feature that allows users to digitize and preserve old family photos directly from their iPad.

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Gramps: Gramps is a free and open-source genealogy software that runs on multiple platforms, including iPad. Gramps stands out as an open-source family tree app for iPad, offering a wealth of features for genealogical research. With Gramps, users have complete control over their family tree data, as the app does not rely on any subscription or online service. The app supports a wide range of data entry options, allowing users to record detailed information about individuals, relationships, events, and sources. Gramps also supports advanced features such as custom reports, data analysis tools, and the ability to generate visually appealing charts and graphs. The app’s flexibility and robustness make it a popular choice among genealogy enthusiasts who prefer a more hands-on approach to their research.

GEDCOM Viewer: GEDCOM Viewer is a specialized family tree app designed for viewing and editing GEDCOM files. GEDCOM files are a widely accepted standard for sharing and transferring genealogical data between software and platforms. With GEDCOM Viewer, iPad users can easily import GEDCOM files from other sources, allowing them to continue their research seamlessly. The app provides a user-friendly interface for navigating family tree data, making edits, and adding additional information. This is particularly useful for users who have already started their family trees using different software or online platforms and wish to continue their research on their iPad.GEDCOM Viewer is a family tree app allowing users to view and edit GEDCOM files, a standard format for genealogy data. It is an excellent option for users who have already created a family tree using another software or website and want to view and edit it on their iPad.

Best Family Tree App For iPad

Family Search: The app is called “FamilySearch” and is available on the App Store. FamilySearch, developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, offers iPad users a comprehensive family tree app. The app provides access to various genealogical records, including birth, marriage, death certificates, census data, and immigration records. Users can easily create and expand their family trees, collaborate with other researchers, and discover potential relatives through shared family trees. One standout feature of FamilySearch is its dedication to preserving historical records and making them freely available to the public. The app encourages users to contribute to the database by indexing and transcribing records, furthering the accessibility of genealogical information for researchers worldwide. The app allows users to access and build their family tree, view historical records, and collaborate with other users on their research. Users can also use the app to view their family tree on the go, and access records, photos, and stories from their ancestors. They can also find relatives they never knew they had by searching through the vast collections of family trees other users have created and shared on the website. The FamilySearch Tree app also allows users to add photos, stories, and other information about their ancestors and connect with other users researching the same ancestors.

Please note that while the best family tree app for iPad is free to download, some features may require a subscription. All of these apps offer different features. Therefore, choosing one that best suits your needs and preferences is best. When choosing the best family tree app for your iPad, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. Ancestry, MyHeritage, Gramps, GEDCOM Viewer, and FamilySearch are all notable options, each offering distinct features and capabilities. Whether you prioritize access to historical records, collaboration with other researchers, DNA testing, or the ability to import and edit existing family tree data, there is an app that can meet your requirements. Take the time to explore these apps, their functionalities, and their user reviews to determine the best fit for your genealogical journey. We will cover in a later post the best family tree app for windows.